The resource centres are essential constituents of research infrastructure (the Research Park) at St. Petersburg University. The first centres were established as long ago as 2010, and since then creation of the new ones has never ended. The centres possess unique cutting-edge equipment that enables innovations in research and educational programmes. They generate intellectual and creative potential of the University, fuel SPbU’s scientific and technological development, and foster its socio-economic growth. The resource centres contribute to the goals of SPbU Strategic Plan 2020 aimed at making SPbU one of the world’s leading classical universities and providing academic and scientific support of the state policy of Russia’s innovative development.

  The outstanding intellectual and academic environment of the oldest Russian university serves the basis for the 24 resource centres that are now an integral part of the SPbU Research Park. The centres employ the experience, knowledge and research achievements of the previous generations. Each centre covers a research area related to one of the four priority spheres which define the common strategy of the University’s research.

  SPbU resource centres target the following priority spheres:

• Nanotechnology and Materials Science

      Magnetic Resonance Research Centre

      Centre for X-ray Diffraction Studies

      Chemical Analysis and Materials Research Centre

      Centre for Optical and Laser Materials Research

      Centre for Physical Methods of Surface Investigation

      Centre for Thermogravimetric and Calorimetric Research

      Centre for Nanofabrication of Photoactive Materials

      Centre for Innovative Technologies of Composite Nanomaterials

      Interdisciplinary Resource Centre for Nanotechnology

      Physics Educational Centre

      Centre for Extreme States of Materials and Constructions

• Biomedicine and Human Health

      Centre Biobank

      Centre for Diagnostics of Functional Materials for Medicine, Pharmacology and Nanoelectronics

      Centre for Molecular and Cell Technologies

      Centre for Culture Collection of Microorganisms

      Chromas Core Facility

      Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis

• Ecology and Nature Management

      Environmental Safety Observatory

      Centre for Space and Geoinformation Technologies

      Centre for Geo-Environmental Research and Modelling (GEOMODEL)

• Information Systems and Technology

      SPbU Computing Centre

      Centre for Sociology and Internet Research

  The priority areas underlie the improvement of educational programmes and the high quality of ongoing research projects. They are designed to support reproduction of the University’s scientific and creative potential, which is a prerequisite for breakthrough research. Research innovations are a crucial factor for both SPbU and Russia’s economy, the international competitiveness of the country being dependent on scientific and technological achievements.

  Today we are firmly convinced that the system of resource centres has been successfully established in a way which fully corresponds to SPbU Strategic Plan 2020 and provides for cross-disciplinary research in wider areas.

  The SPbU Research Park operates according to the principle of equal access. This means the resource centres are open to any persons interested, notwithstanding their affiliation with SPbU, provided the clear and transparent regulations are observed. Research based on the equal access ideology is an important incentive for strong scientific collaboration. Common projects bring together the intellectual and creative elite (researchers, scientists) of the Russian society.

  Through the system of resource centres, SPbU reaffirms its status of a unique research and development centre with the following mission: generation of innovative growth; modernisation and diversification of economy and academic community; increase of industrial efficiency; and use of Russia’s global competitive advantage.

  Training of experts belongs to the primary goals of the Research Park. The work with unique cutting-edge equipment provides the ground for further groundbreaking research and new innovative products.