The Computing Centre is focused on using cloud technologies for creation and development of a comfortable working environment for researches requiring high-performance computer systems, specialized scientific software and qualified expert support. This environment is available to a widest range of users, including both the University staff and other persons, for them to use in their research and academic work in fields of quantum chemistry, hydrodynamics, geo-informatics and many others.
Over 130 scientific and educational projects are carried-out annually utilizing Computing Centre facilities.

Data Centre (DC)
The high-performance hardware of the Computing Centre is located in the SPbU Data Centre (DC). The active area for computing machinery and power supply system installation is 120 m2.
The DC houses 28 server racks with an energy input of 400 kVA. The DC electric power supply system includes a 801 kVA diesel-electric generator set. The systems of the Data Centre are designed to operate smoothly in the 7 х 24 х 365 mode.

Information support and user support
The most important aspects of the Computer Centre are informational support and user support services. The user support is based on the Service Desk automated system of incoming request tracking.
The employees of the centre provide regular consultancy to the users concerning every aspect of the centre’s work and render them assistance in solving the problems of efficient resource utilization. For the users’ convenience, the information support procedures are constantly being improved. Each user has a personal account providing access to the information on the projects participated by him/her as well as on the resources accessible in the course of the implementation of these projects. Each personal account has a service request section facilitating the user’s communication with the CC Support Services and request processing. In addition to typical services, CC staff creates the needed configuration of resources for projects requiring specific conditions of the equipment utilization.

Contact Information

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