The SPbU Centre for Innovative Technologies of Composite Nanomaterials was created in 2012 to provide technological support of investigations in the field of materials science. Our equipment can be used for synthesis of thin films, dispersed, ceramic, polymeric and other composite materials and for research of their physical and chemical properties.

• Precision synthesis of thin films of various compounds (oxides, sulfides, nitrides, etc.) on the surface of flat, 3D and porous substrates using the method of atomic layer deposition (ALD): the Russian-manufactured Nanosurf and Solar-MN

• Deposition of films on flat substrates by spin coating: the WS-650Mz-23NPP installation (Laurell Technologies).

• Matrix synthesis of grafted surface compounds, targeted drug delivery systems: the Endeavor 90-1 fully automatic peptide synthesiser (Aaptec LLC) for Fmoc- and Boc-peptide synthesis on a solid-phase carrier using various sets of amino acids.

• Hydro(solvo)thermal synthesis of nanodispersed materials: 

  • - the Berghof HR-300 high-pressure reactor makes it possible to carry out hydro(solvo)thermal synthesis of dispersed substances (a temperature of up to 250°С and a pressure of up to 200 bar);
  • - the ETHOS 1 microwave station (Milestone Inc.). Microwave radiation power of up to 1600 W, a temperature of up to 250°С, a pressure of up to 100 bar, up to 10 PTFE reactors.

• Ceramics production by hot pressing: the hot-pressing FR210-30T-A-200- EVC installation (OXY-GON Industries, Inc.) for producing ceramic materials at a pressure of up to 27 tons and a temperature of up to 2000°С in an inert atmosphere or under vacuum.

• Production of composite materials based on polymer matrixes: the HAAKE Minilab II microcompounder-extruder completed with a molding machine and a set of molds. The maximum temperature of the extruder is 350°С; the working pressure is up to 200 bar.

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