The Nanophotonics Centre is primarily focused on the design, production and express-testing of photoactive nanocomposite materials and elements for the following fields: optical and quantum supercomputers; nanoelectronics and micromechanics; solar energy conversion and photocatalysis; photoactive nanocoatings and sensors.

Methods applied at the Nanophotonics Centre

Optical characterisation of nanostructures of photonics and photon spintronics:

  • spectral operational ranges of lasers,
  • • characterisation of optical and magneto-optical sensibility of structures of photonics and photon spintronics,
  • • modelling of elements of logic and memory of an optical supercomputer.

Creation and nanofragmentation of nanostructured media:

  • molecular beam epitaxy,
  • • creation of 3D/2D nanostructured media and 3D/2D, 1D, 0D structures using 3D/2D nanofragmentation methods.

Synthesis of photoactive nanomaterials and functional coatings based on them:

  • • hydrothermal synthesis, etc.

Testing of photoactive nanomaterials and functional coatings based on them:

  • • design, production and express-testing of nanostructured media for solar energy conversion and photocatalysis, photoactive nanocoatings and chemical sensors;
  • • testing of materials photoactivity in solid/vapour systems under a pressure ranging from atmospheric to 100 Pa;
  • • testing of materials photoactivity in solid/solution systems;
  • • testing of materials photoactivity in photoelectrochemical processes;
  • • testing of high-dispersity nanocomposite materials using methods of optical and luminescence spectrometry under high vacuum or a controlled gas phase with mass-spectrometric analysis of materials-gases/gas mixtures products under UV and visible light;
  • testing of properties of photoactive and super-hydrophilic coatings.

Contact Information

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