The resource centre focuses on materials testing and provides expert support in deformation, destruction and structural transformation in continuum and discrete medium to test impact resistance under extreme dynamic and static loading. It also studies how materials and components of constructions behave in fast and intensive outer conditions. 

The testing systems are designed to meet a wide range of testing standards including: GOST, ASTM, ISO and others; it also applies specially designed test method procedures and equipment to simulate real-life conditions and establish physical and mechanical properties in space and time. 


  • Mechanical properties of the materials, ceramics, compounds, textiles and composites.
  • Low and high-temperature tensile and compression testing.
  • Normal, low and high-temperature bend testing.
  • Normal, low and high-temperature impact testing.
  • Brittle-plastic transition temperature.

Compression, tensile and bend fatigue testing with up to 10 mln cycles at normal temperature.


Location: 28 Universitetsky prospect, Peterhof, St Petersburg, Russia 198504