The Bio-Bank Resource Center 

The Bio-Bank Center is a part of the Research Park of St. Petersburg State University.

The Bio-Bank Center is a resource center:

  • a specialized biomaterial cryopreserve;
  • database (clinical, laboratory and personal information);
  • center for comprehensive research at the epidemiological, genomic and proteomic levels. 

The activity of the Resource Center "Bio-bank Center" is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • comprehensive biomedical and biopsychosocial study of human health and longevity;
  • identification of genetic, behavioral and environmental risk factors;
  • development of new personalized approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. 

The list of services provided by the Bio-Bank Center includes

  • Biobanking:
  • - collection of blood samples, NDT (DNA, RNA), tissues, cell cultures, proteins, etc;
  • - biosample aliquoting;
  • - cryo-freezing of samples.
  • Automatic extraction of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from:
  • - blood plasma, whole blood plasma;
  • - blood stains and buccal epithelium;
  • NGS sequencing:
  • - sequencing of the human genome and other organisms;
  • - sequencing of human exomes;
  • - transcriptome sequencing (mRNA and microRNA).
  • Databases, collections:
  • - service on access to information on the presence of biosamples with certain features and obtaining biosamples of specified properties;
  • - storage of medical and laboratory information on biosamples;
  • - biosample exchange between biobanks and medical organizations. 

The Bio-Bank Center has an ultramodern equipment  for the implementation of its main activities (biobanking, genomics and proteomics).

Biobanking equipment allows primary processing and aliquoting of biosamples, as well as cryostorage of biosamples using modern methods.

The biosample cryostorage equipment includes the LiCONiC STC Compact ULT-80°C automated system with a capacity of 88,000 samples and the BIOSAFE 420 MD liquid nitrogen vapor storage system.

In the field of genomics, the Bio-Bank Center has high-tech equipment for sequencing nucleic acids (NGS sequencing), DNA and RNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and electrophoresis.

NGS sequencing is performed using Illumina Sequencing Systems HiSeq 4000, HiSeq 2500,  MiSeq.

At the proteomics level, the Bio-Bank Center uses high-performance equipment that enables protein and peptide identification and quantification. 

An important aspect of the activities of the Bio-Bank Center is the connection with practical medicine. This involves cooperation and exchange of information and samples between the Bio-Bank and other institutions, such as:

  • medical genetics centres;
  • public health care institutions;
  • private clinics and laboratories;
  • pharmaceutical companies;
  • academic organizations. 

The Bio-Banking Center is aimed at interacting with specialists in the field of biobanking in order to develop and implement complex biological, medical and biopsychosocial scientific and practical projects.