The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) is an interdisciplinary educational centre with up-to-date laboratory equipment. The centre is primarily focused on the instrumental support of SPbU bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

The CMM staff have developed and are implementing the following bachelor, master and doctoral programmes:

  • 1. Electron Microscopy and Electron Probe Microanalysis.
  • 2. Applied Mineralogy.
  • 3. Practical Micromineralogy.
  • 4. Modern Instrumental Methods of Research.
  • 5. Microscopic Practicum.
  • 6. Fundamentals of Electron Microscopy and Electron Probe Microanalysis (for non-SPbU students; organised by prior request).

In these courses, students are trained in the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy, atomic force and confocal microscopy. They learn how to use various microscopic methods and X-ray spectral microprobe analysis and to interpret their results.

Students, staff and external users have an opportunity of independent research using the centre’s equipment.

Highly qualified experts with a long-term practical experience read lectures and organise practical classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students, provide consulting in the course of their self-study using the said equipment.

The Centre’s focus areas:

      • Geological objects:
Noble metal mineralisation (Au, Ag, Pt,Pd);
Initial mantle buildups (including the diamondiferous ones);
Zirconium and REE mineralogy;
Petroleum geology.

      • Medico-biological objects: diatoms, infusorias, foraminifera, phytoparasite ticks.

      • Miscellaneous: stone age archaeology, expert evaluation of mineral pigments in objects of art.

Contact Information

Phone: +7 (812) 328-9433

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