A high-resolution diffractometer with low- and high-temperature cameras additionally equipped with a differential scanning calorimetry system for studying phase transformations within the temperature range of 93 K to 1773 K.

Compact powder diffractometers for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of polycrystals within the range of Bragg angles up to 160 deg. using Cupper or Cobalt characteristic wavelengths.

A diffractometer designed for studying structures of thin films, automated measuring of residual strains and textures, mapping reciprocal space, reflectometry, high-resolution grazing incidence diffractometry, and micro-diffraction measurements.

A dual wavelength single crystal diffractometer for studying macromolecular structures, ideally suited for very small crystals under temperature control within the range of 80-500 K.

A single crystal diffractometer for temperature-controlled structural studies at 80-500 K.