State of the art diffractometer with extremely sensitive and reliable imaging plate technology. Can be used to capture small amounts of powder substance in the Debye-Scherrer geometry.


SAXSess mc² – a small (+ wide) angle X-ray scattering camera for studying structures in nanometer range (1-200 nm). The system is a modern instrument for nanostructure characterization in different kinds of samples ranging from liquids (colloidal solutions, proteins, etc.) to solids, such as polymer films and fibers, nanocomposites, catalysts, porous metals, and to biological samples.  The SAXS method is a powerful tool that provides high accuracy data with minimum sample preparation required.

A wide-angle attachment allows simultaneous measurement of diffraction patterns in the angular range up to 40 deg.

Gamma spectrometer - radiometer MKGB-01 RADEK

Spectrometer – radiometer of gamma-radiation MKGB-01 RADEK is intended for measuring energy distribution of the gamma radiation, and activity of gamma -emitting radionuclides. 
The spectrometer is stationary measurement instrument and is designed for use in the laboratory. The spectrometer is used to measure the activity (specific activity) natural radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, 40K,222Rn, and artificial radionuclides (137Cs, etc.) in the soil samples, rocks, vegetation, water, food , building materials, chemical industry materials, alloys, scrap metal and other technology products.

The detector in detection units of gamma radiation used scintillator NaI(Tl) with diameter 80 mm and a thickness 80 mm.


Digital microscope Leica DVM 5000

Leica DVM 5000 is modern digital high-resolution microscope for the researchs in various fields of science and technology. The design of microscope allows studying objects in the transmitted, reflected and side light.

  • Zoom up to x7000
  • Enhanced optics allows you to view even hard to reach areas of the object.
  • «Multifocus» system allows obtaining images of objects with high definition, regardless of the topography of the sample surface
  • Preparation and analysis of 3D-image in high resolution.

• Analysis of irregularities and evaluation of the profile sections.



Microtomography scanner SkyScan 1172

SkyScan 1172 is a desk-top high-resolution X-ray micro-CT systems. A novel architecture in which both the sample stage and the X-ray camera are moveable allows an unprecedented combination of image resolution, sample size accommodation, scan speed, and sample throughput. 

The 1172 features two X-ray camera options: the high-performance 10 Megapixel (Mp) option, and the economy 1.3 Megapixel option. The former, 10 Megapixel camera allows the maximum scanning versatility, with an image field width of 68 mm (in dual image camera shift mode) or 35 mm (in standard single camera image mode). A nominal resolution (pixel size) of lower than 1 μm is attainable. A scannable height of around 70 mm allows for either large samples or automatic batch scanning of a column of smaller samples.