STOE  STADI P powder diffractometer is equipped with two goniometers for studying polycrystals (powders, ceramics, etc.) in either Bragg-Brentano reflection or monochromatic transmission mode (flat sample or capillary) using a curved Ge monochromator and a position sensitive detector.

Desktop powder diffractometers for qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of polycrystals within the θ / 2θ scanning geometry using Cupper or Cobalt characteristic wavelengths.

The only in Russia small and macromolecule single crystal structure analysis system equipped with a rotating anode X-ray source (flux 8 × 1010 phot/mm²/с) and a curved imaging plate detector allowing collecting high-quality data from weakly diffracting and disordered crystals.

A single crystal diffractometer which combines molybdenum and copper X-ray sources with a highly accurate goniometer and the most sensitive CCD detector allowing fast and redundant data collection to high resolution with Mo radiation and determination of absolute structures for light atom organic compounds.

A high-resolution diffractometer with Cobalt X-ray source for accurate qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of polycrystals and ceramic materials, including those with high Fe content.