Nanotomography scanner SkySсan 2011


The "SkyScan-2011" is a compact laboratory system for x-ray microscopy and tomography with resolution in the submicron range. This system performs a non-destructive three-dimensional reconstruction of the object’s inner structure from two-dimensional X-ray shadow projections.

Crystal 16 Multiple-Reactor System

Crystal 16 is a multiple-reactor station that functions as a parallel crystallizer on 1 mL volume scale with online turbidity measurement. This automatic crystallisation platform can hold 16 (4 x 4) standard HPLC glass vials. A unit consists of 4 independently heated aluminum reactor blocks and is a compact bench top size. These blocks are electrically heated and cooled by a combination of Peltier elements and a cryostat. In order to prevent condensation of water on the reactor blocks and electronics during runs at temperatures below 10°C the Crystal 16 system provides an inlet for a dry purge gas (typically nitrogen).

The platform can be used to determine meta-stable zone width and solubility for example with a wide temperature range. 

PICARRO L2120-i δD/δ18O Isotopic Water Analyzer

Picarro’s L2120-i provides both δ18O and δD isotope ratios with high precision in a single measurement. Researchers can use the L2120-i for either vapor or liquid data sampling and can switch between the two modes in seconds without recalibrating the analyzer or making configuration changes. The L2120-i comes in a compact single-module system, ideal for deployment in the field or in the lab.

Leveraging Picarro’s unique Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS), the L2120-i is a time-based measurement system that uses a laser to quantify spectral features of gas phase molecules (specifically absorption lines unique to H2 16O, H2 18O, and HD16O) in an optical cavity. CRDS offers significant performance, ease-of-use and cost of ownership benefits compared to absorption based technologies, including ICOS. An effective path length of up to 20 kilometers provides exceptional precision and sensitivity. A patented, high-precision wavelength monitor maintains absolute spectral position, thereby ensuring accurate peak quantification. In addition, this technology guarantees that only the spectral features of interest are being monitored, greatly reducing the analyzer’s sensitivity to interfering species.

Tri-Carb 3180TR/SL Low Activity Liquid Scintillation Analyzer

PerkinElmer Tri-Carb 3180TR/SL is a super low level liquid scintillation analyzer. It is used in research and environmental monitoring applications for detection of little amounts of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity. 

The computer-controlled benchtop features a proprietary (BGO) Bismuth Germanium oxide detector guard. This makes the analyzer particularly suitable for low level uses as it delivers exceptionally low backgrounds.

The Tri-Carb® liquid scintillation counter relies on the interaction between a beta-emitting radionuclide and a scintillator, a component of the scintillation cocktail. The scintillator converts ionizing radiation from the radionuclide into photons of light (scintillation). The intensity of the light produced during scintillation is proportional to the initial energy of the beta particle.