Microtomography scanner SkyScan 1172

SkyScan 1172 is a desk-top high-resolution X-ray micro-CT systems. A novel architecture in which both the sample stage and the X-ray camera are moveable allows an unprecedented combination of image resolution, sample size accommodation, scan speed, and sample throughput. 

The 1172 features two X-ray camera options: the high-performance 10 Megapixel (Mp) option, and the economy 1.3 Megapixel option. The former, 10 Megapixel camera allows the maximum scanning versatility, with an image field width of 68 mm (in dual image camera shift mode) or 35 mm (in standard single camera image mode). A nominal resolution (pixel size) of lower than 1 μm is attainable. A scannable height of around 70 mm allows for either large samples or automatic batch scanning of a column of smaller samples.

Micro-computed tomography or Micro-CT is X-ray imaging in 3D, by the same method used

in hospital CT scans, but on a small scale with massively increased resolution. It really represents true 3D microscopy, where very fine scale internal structure of objects is imaged non-destructively. No sample preparation, embedding, coating or thin slicing are required. A single scan will image the complete internal 3D structure of your object, plus you get your sample back intact at the end! 

The best micro-CT images are obtained from objects in which microstructure coincides with contrast in X-ray absorption of the samples constituent materials. Application areas include: biomedical research, material science, pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing, composites, dental research, electronic components, geology, zoology, botany, building materials, paper manufacture, and many more. 


  • X-ray source: 20-100 kV, 0-250 mA, 10 W;
  • <5 µm spot size;
  • X-ray detector: 12-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled to scintillator;
  • detail detectability 0.8 µm to 30 µm (depends on object size);
  • maximum object size: 50 mm in diameter using offset scan (27 mm in fast single scan);
  • more than 11 Megapixel (8000 x 8000 pixels) in every virtual slice through objects;
  • 2D/3D image analysis, surface and volume rendering.

Radiation safety: < 1 µSv/h at any point on the instrument surface.