Spectral ellipsometry complex "Ellipse 1891 SAG" (wavelength range 350-1000 nm) is designed for precision measurements of the thickness of single-layer and multilayer thin-film structures, as well as investigation of the spectral optical constants (refractive index and absorption coefficient), the structural material properties (porosity, the presence of, and the concentration distribution of impurities in the film) over the entire spectral range.


The basis of the complex high-speed static scheme laid ellipsometric measurements . Algorithms for signal reading and calculation of operating parameters provide very high sensitivity needed for measurements with high spectral razresheniem.Ispolzovanie new measuring system provides a quick scan of the entire spectrum or individual sections of the spectrum with high spectral resolution.


      • versatility coupled with the high efficiency and accuracy;

      • odnoznachnochnostyu calculating ellipsometric paramerov they are measured in the full range of their values ​​(Ψ – from 0 to 90 degrees ; Δ – from 0 to 360 degrees ) with the same accuracy and sensitivity, which allows unambiguous interpretation of measurement results.

Software security is a complete spectral kopleks tool holding different modes of measurement, visualization, simulation and analysis of results.

Additional Features

Spectral ellipsometer may alternatively be mounted on the process chamber (in-situ option).

Technical characteristics

Characteristic Value
Light source halogen lamp
Spectral range, nm 
350 - 1000 nm
Measurement time  
at one wavelength 1 ms
full range 8-20 s.
Light beam diameter 3 mm
Range of angles of incidence of light, fixed 45°, 50°, 55°, 60°, 65°, 70°, 90°
Object table  
manual movement 25 mm in X.Y axes
Vertical movement 0-20 mm
Adjusting the inclination of the plane of objects
Reproducibility ψ= 0.02°
dΔ= 0.05°
Nutrition 220–240 V (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions 850 x 400 x 300 mm
Weight 55 kg
Optical and mechanical components  
Monochromator compact high-speed with a concave diffraction grating
Polarizer Glan-Taylor prism
Analyzer Wollaston prism
Compensator achromatic phase-shifting element of the Fresnel Rhombus type
Photodetector two silicon two-element photodetectors