Transmission Electron Microscope with high-efficient autoemission cathode, Energy Omega-filter,and Koehler illumination system (patented by Carl Zeiss SMT).

 Zeiss Libra 200 Sample Holder Zeiss Libra 200 Desk Zeiss Libra 200 Desk 2 Zeiss Libra 200FE Panoramic View

Transmission Electron Microscope Zeiss Libra 200FE

Libra 200 FE is an analytical transmission electron microscope compatible for biology and material science. Equipped with high efficient Field Emission cathode and energy Omega-filter it is suitable for high-accuracy measurements of structureand atomic compositionat of nano-sized objects at ultimate resolution. Shots taken on Libra 200FE at IRC for Nanotechnology.

Scanning Helium Ion Microscope is a novel device that incorporate both Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Mycroscopy approaches. Being a very surface tool due to the origin of ion beam with solid interaction it is also the first scanning microscope with a subnanometer resolution (theoretical resolution limit is 0.25 nm) .

Zeiss Orion LoadLock Zeiss Orion Close View Zeiss Orion Zeiss Orion

Scanning ion helium microscope Zeiss ORION

Low beam convergence provides high focus depth.

Helium ion beam shows very little diffraction influence because of He ions mass. Since the helium ion beam is much less affected by diffraction, than the electron beam, it can be focused to a smaller probe, enabling sub-nanometer resolution. Features of ions scattering result in high material contrast.

Scanning electron microscope Zeiss SUPRA 40VP installed in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology is equipped with a wide range of additional options that turn a good SEM into unique analytical system.

Gatan MonoCL3+ Zeiss Supra 40VP Zeiss Supra 40VP Left Panoramic View Zeiss Supra 40VP Right Panoramic View

Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Supra 40VP

Zeiss Supra 40VP is a Scanning Electron Microscope with Field Emission cathode, GEMINI electron-optics column, oil-free vacuum system, and variable pressure (VP) operating mode. See Images taken at IRC.

Except the Supra family's standard In-lens SE and SE2 detectorsthe microscope is equipped  with VP-mode secondary electrons detector (VPSE), STEM detector, and four quadrants backscattered detector (AsB).

Auriga Laser Auriga Laser 2 Auriga Laser 3

Zeiss AURIGA Laser

Auriga Laser System.
Cross-beam SEM-FIB workstation equipped with laser chamber.