Device description

Spectrophotometer Lambda 1050 is a two-beam scanning spectrophotometer with double monochromator. Spectrophotometer Lambda 1050 performs the measurement of optical characteristics such as optical density, reflection and transmission coefficients of liquid and solid materials, including light-scattering inorganic, organic and biological objects within the wavelength range 175 – 3300 nm.


A key feature of the spectrophotometer Lambda 1050 is the solution of various research tasks of spectral analysis by means of removable measuring modules.

Main characteristics

- Wavelength range – 175-3300 nm.

- Spectral resolution:               UV/Vis ≤0.05 nm,

                                            NiR ≤0.20 nm.

- Wavelength accuracy:           UV/Vis ±0.08 nm,

                                            NiR ±0.30 nm.

- Wavelength Reproducibility:   UV/Vis ±0.005 nm,

                                            NiR ±0.01 nm.

- Photometric Accuracy (Double Aperture Method 1 A) – ±0.0003 А.

- Photometric Reproducibility (0.3 A with NIST 930D filter at 546.1 nm) – ≤0.00008 А.

- Photometric Range 8 А (using UV/Vis and NiR range).

- Baseline stability ± 0.0007 А.

- Zero drift (500 nm) ≤0.0002 А/h.

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Additional accesories:

1. 3D WB Det. module for optical transmission or absorption measurements of liquid and solid samples in the range 175-3300 nm. It includes 3 detectors for the full overlap the UV, Visible and near-IR range:

- PMT R6872 multiplier for measurements in the range 175-860 nm;

- highly sensitive wideband cooled detector InGaAs for high-precision measurements in the range 860-2500 nm with high reproducibility;

- PbS Peltier-cooled detector for measurements in the spectral range 1800-3300 nm.


2. UV/Vis/NiR URA – a universal module for measurement of reflection coefficient for samples (8 mm-15 cm in size) in the range of 185-3100 nm for incidence angles from 8° to 65°.


3. 50 mm InGaAs Int. Sphere – the integrating sphere for the analysis of scattering samples, samples with variable thickness; also for the analysis of diffusion reflection of powders, solid and liquid samples in the range of 250-2500 nm.


A set of holders for integrating sphere: