Analytical scales Mettler Toledo HR205 used for accurate weighing of samples.

аналитические микровесы

Miсrovisсometer LOVIS 2000 M allows to determine the dynamic viscosity values of the samples. The viscometer is based on the Geppler principle – the principle of the rolling ball in the capillary filled with a liquid sample. Viscometer measures the time during which the solid ball travels a certain distance along the capillary, placed at different angles to the horizone. The study results are presented as dynamic viscosity in standard international units mPa⋅s.


Laboratory densitometer DMA 5000 M is used to determine the density, specific density, concentration, by means of the oscillating cell filled with a sample. The operation principle is based on the measurement of oscillation frequency of U-shaped measuring tube, caused by an electromagnetic generator. Under the influence of the electromagnetic field empty measuring tube oscilates with fundamental frequency, and the tube filled with test substance has different frequency wich changes depending on the weight (density) of the substance. Like a pendulum, the bigger the density of the sample, and therefore the mass contained in the tube, the lower the frequency of oscillation. To recalculate the frequency of oscillations into the density value of sample in study the pre-calibration of setup is performed before the experiment.

 лабораторный плотномер

Combines the advantages of three ionomers (three independent potentiometric channels), conductometer, oximeter and thermometer.  Combining the capabilities of several electrochemical analysis techniques, gives almost complete picture of the composition and quality of the solution.