RC Geomodel hosts the following equipment:


  • SQUID magnetometer SRM-755 by 2G Enterprises, USA

    The instrument is the most sensitive magnetometer to measure the remanent magnetization of rock samples. It is possible to measure either the discrete samples (cylinders, cubes) or long cores (up to 150 cm). Demagnetization by alternating field and acquisition of anhysterestic remanent magnetization is carried out in the inline mode.

    Sensitivity, magnetic moment – 5⋅10-12 Am2.

    Dynamic range – from 1⋅10-11 to 2⋅10-4 Am2.

    Maximum demagnetizing field – 160 mT.

    Isothermal remanent magnetization can be acquired in pulse magnetic fields up to 1 T in the offline mode .

  • Multi-function kappabridge MFK1-FA by AGICO, Czech Republic  

The instrument allows to measure the initial magnetic susceptibility of and its anisotropy, as well as the temperature dependence of susceptibility in the range from -196.5 to 700°C.

  • Sensitivity (in a 400 A/m magnetic field ) – 2⋅10-8 SI units;
  • temperature range – -196.5°C (with CS-L cryostat ) to 700°C (with CS4 furnace);
  • 3 operating frequencies: 1, 4, 16 kHz.


  • Spinner magnetometer JR-6A by AGICO, Czech Republic

Is used to measure the remanent magnetization of rock samples, especially strongly magnetic.

  • Sensitivity, magnetization – 5⋅10-6 A/m;
  • dynamic range – up to 12 500 A/m.

  • Thermal demagnetization furnace TD-48-SC by ASC Scientific, USA

Designed for thermal demagnetization of rock samples, and allows to create thermoremanent magnetization in a small DC field. It is possible to carry out experiments in an inert atmosphere (argon).

  • Temperature range – 25-800°C;
  • absolute temperature error – <10°C;
  • temperature reproducibility in successive heatings – <1°C;
  • maximum temperature gradient – <10°C in fully loaded furnace and <3°C if loading only the central part;
  • constant magnetic field in the sample area – <10 nT (if the furnace is installed in a shielded room or oriented East-West);
  • heating time, 48 samples from 25°C to 600°C – 45 min;
  • cooling time, 48 samples from 600°C to 40°C – 20 min.

  • Alternating field demagnetizer LDA-3A AF with anhysteretic magnetizer extension AMU-1A by AGICO, Czech Republic

Designed for samples demagnetization by an alternating magnetic field. Demagnetization can be performed with rotation around two perpendicular axes and in a static position.

  • Maximum demagnetizing field – 100 mT;
  • three different modes of decreasing the demagnetizing field;
  • time required to complete demagnetization in a nominal field – <2 min;
  • acquiring anhysteretic remanent magnetization: maximum alternating field 100 mT, DC field up to 500 µT.