A single crystal diffractometer which combines molybdenum and copper X-ray sources with a highly accurate goniometer and the most sensitive CCD detector allowing fast and redundant data collection to high resolution with Mo radiation and determination of absolute structures for light atom organic compounds.


Technical charachteristics

  • • Anode materials – microfocus X-ray sources (MoKα and CuKα radiation).
  • • Rated operation X-ray sources – 50 kV/0.6 mA.
  • • Detector of the reflected X-rays – APEX II CCD type (Charge-Coupled Device).
  • • Multilayer X-ray optics for increased intensities, performs the functions of the monochromator (extracts from the overall spectrum of the source doublet lines of Kα1 / Kα2).
  • • 4-axis KAPPA goniometer:
  •     • 2θ angle ranges from -145 to +145 °;
  •     • free rotation of the omega (ω) angles;
  •     • measurement step on 2θ and ω axis is not more than 0.0001o;
  •     • maximum angular range for 2θ: 145o and 135o for molybdenum and copper anode, respectively.
  •     • low-temperature Oxford Cobra Plus system with temperature range 80-500 K.


APEX II software package allows to automatically search for diffraction peaks with the settings and automatically identify and refine the parameters of the unit cell, integrating an array of diffraction data, analyze and process the diffuse scattering, analyze profiles with the reconstruction of the reciprocal space possibility, has full compatibility with the format set programs SHELXTL.

Information from the manufacturer

https://www.bruker.com/products/x-ray-diffraction-and-elemental-analysis/single-crystal-x-ray-diffraction/apex-ii-based-systems/overview/apex-ii- based-systems/apex-duo.html


The Vasilyevsky Island training and research Complex of SPbSU