Resource Centre "Biobank"

The Resource Center "Biobank" of the Research Park of Saint-Petersburg University is the exceptional biobank in Russia designed to implement the results of a multi-tiered study of biological samples in the public health services. The Biobank of Saint-Petersburg University holds modern cryostorage systems and in the same time it is planned to be the center of personalized medicine. Available equipment in the Resource Center "Biobank" allows to store the biological samples at all temperatures, to conduct research and to provide genetic counseling to the patients of the Biobank. The researchers of the Biobank are the experts in the field of molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics and biotechnology. Saint-Petersburg University Biobank – a metabiobank, which will ensure development in the fundamental and practical biomedicine.

The instrument base of the center includes several ultramodern -80ºC and - 196ºC cryostorages by LiCONiC AG and Cryotherm GmbH & Co, Illumina NGS sequencing systems HiSeq 4000, HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq, automatic DNA/RNA extraction system and sample preparation systems, as well as minor equipment for molecular biology.

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