The BioMark HD System is a real-time PCR instrument based on fast PCR-enabled nanofluidic technology. It allows to perform unparallel multiple real-time PCR reactions and digital PCR, combining thermal cycling and fluorescence detection on Integrated Fluidic Circuits which significantly increases productivity. The device can also be used to perform analysis of gene expression, genotyping, digital PCR, mutant detection, etc. For more information visit



The droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) is the third generation of PCR technologies which allows to measure the absolute quantity of the target DNA with the highest precision of 1 molecule. The device also provides the possibility to detect rare DNA copies, measure small fold differences and the variation of the number of copies, perform mutation detection, gene expression analysis of rare transcripts and miRNA analysis as well. For device specifications visit



Lasergene software is the complex of several applications aimed at the comprehensive analysis of genome, such as DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis. Using the Lasergene software researchers can construct contigs and scaffolds, form physical maps, analyze mutations and different variations, etc. For more information visit

The GenePaint Evo 150/4 is the robotic workstation designed to handle repetitive liquid transfer tasks. The workstation comprises the flexible robotic 4-channel liquid handling tool of variable volume and independent processing. It can be used in different fields of biological investigations and allows to perform immunostaining and in situ hybridization reactions (including fluorescence in situ hybridization), nucleic acid extractions, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, serial dilutions, MALDI spottings, etc. For specifications visit




Leica LMD laser microdissection system provides laser-based microscopic dissection of regions of interests of biological samples with the precision of single cell from all types of tissues and cell cultures, and subsequent contamination-free collection of the homogeneous ultra-pure sample. For specifications visit