The Shimadzu MultiNA is a next-generation microchip capillar electrophoresis system being a replacement for manually-prepared agarose gel electrophoresis solving most of its problems. The Shimadzu MultiNA is a fully automated machine designed for automatic scheduled high-speed up to 120 sample analysis of DNA/ RNA size prediction and quantitation. The mashine excludes hazards associated with ethidium bromide staining, instead using SYBR-family dyes. For more information visit www.


Agilent 2100 is a capillar electrophoresis system designed on the basis of the microfluidics platform. It allows to perform sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells. The device automates processes of gel application on microchips, molecule separation in the direct current field, detection and analysis of the obtained results. For more information visit



The Pippin Prep is an automated preparative electrophoresis system which provides electrophoretic separation and extraction of DNA fragments of different size. Using different pre-cast and disposable gel cassettes, the system detects DNA fragments from 50 bp till 8000 bp according to the size range without exposure to the harmful X-rays and collects DNA fractions directly into the buffer. The throughput of the instrument is 4 DNA samples per run, being separated without any cross-contamination. For specifications visit


REM e STARlet Liquid Handling Workstation is a fully automated system for emPCR enrichment and sequencing primer hybridization for the parallel sequencing performance using vortexing, vacuum filtration, magnetic bead capture and heating. The workstation is designed to support the Roche 454 GS Junior Sequencer. For more information visit



The Ion One Touch robotics system provides fast and automated template preparation for the ABI Ion Torrent PGM sequencer.