The CHEF MAPPER XA System is a pulsed field gel electrophoersis (PFGE) system constructed on the basis of the FIGE and AFIGE technologies resulting in the superior resolution from 100 bp to 10 Mb. The instrument can be used for all PFGE applications. The user can choose any pulse angle from 0 to 360°, which allows optimal separation of both chromosomal and plasmid DNA. The nonlinear ramps allows to separate fragments linearly from 50 to 700 kb. For more information visit


The Gene Pulser Xcell system is a modular electroporation system composed of the main unit, the cuvette chamber, the capacitance extender and the pulse controller. The instrument allows to transfect all cell types from primary and stem cells to bacteria and yeast. For specifications visit



BC Optima L-100XP preparative ultracentrifuge is designed for both special and routine tasks of the separation, isolation and sedimentation of different compounds, cells and subcellular fractions applied in various research works in genomics, metabolomics and proteomics. The ultracentrifuge is equipped with three rotors (Type 100 Ti, SW 32 Ti and Type 25 Rotor) for different volume tubes. For more information visit



BC Avanti J-30I is the maximum g-force high-performance fully automatic floor centrifuge. It provides fast separation forces of 100000 x g at speeds up to 30000 rpm for volumes up to 4 liters or 10 microplates per run. The centrifuge allows separation of homogeneous tissues components, isolation of cell membranes on a density gradient, separation and fractioning of cellular organelles, DNA isolation on microplates, protein sedimentation, purification of the culture medium by cell debris sedimentation. For specifications visit




CentriVap concentrator is a benchtop vacuum concentrator designed to rapidly concentrate biological substances in both water and alcohol solutions in a wide variety of temperatures using the combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and heat techniques. For more information visit