BioRad GS-800 is an automatically calibrated quite simple and effective device for imaging of colorimetric (mainly), chemiluminescent and fluorescent samples (1D- and 2D-gels, slides, blots etc.). Two modes of imaging (transmissive and reflective) are available providing both transparent and opaque samples imaging.In the last case most accurate analysis of superficial molecules on membranes (after different types of blots) is allowed. For more information visit


The ChemiDoc MP is an effective and easy to use instrument for gel/blot documentation. It is equipped with CCD high sensitive detector for high-resolution imaging and Image Lab software for automated image capture and its electronic analysis. The system supports multiple detection methods (chemiluminescence, fluorescence, colorimetry). The instrument possesses trans-UV and epi-white excitation sources the combination of which is available, thus providing opportunities not only for imaging, but for manipulations with visualized gel/membrane as well. You can find more information at




BioRad Prep Cell uses cylindrical gel for continuous-elution preparative electrophoresis. Fractions, migrating through the gel as ring-shaped bands, are collected from the elution chamber at the bottom of the gel via elution tube by peristaltic pump. Band's substances are drawn to the fractions collector in an elution buffer. Any buffer system (denaturizing or not), gel material (acrylamide of agarose) and percentage can be used for efficient separation and/or purification of proteins, nucleic acids or other biomolecules. For more information visit


Biorad Rotofor system is designed for carrying out preparative version of peptide / protein electrophoresis on the basis of isoelectrofocusing, i.e. fractionation of peptide / protein mixtures on their isoelectric points. Focusing occurs in free solution without any denaturation / modification / linkage of components, thus preserving functional activity of target proteins. Focusing chamber is separated into 20 sections, each working as a source for fraction collection by vacuum pump after finishing of the focusing process. It allows obtaining target protein in minimal solution volume with up to 1000-fold enrichment. Big amounts of total protein (from milligrams to grams) could be fractionated by Biorad Rotofor. For more information visit


Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer System is a very fast and efficient tool for protein transferring from electrophoretic gel onto cellulose or PVDF membrane. The system has two functioning modes – the turbo run mode (down to 3 min for proteins of 5-150 kDa) and convenient semi-dry protocol. Transfer can be carried out from four mini-gels simultaneously. Simple and convenient interface allows optimizing the preloaded protocols. More information is available at