The Quantus fluorimeter is an instrument for measuring the concentration of nucleic acids. The device is used with a set of reagents Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems.

Before using the appliance for the first time, you need to calibrate the device, also you should calibrate before you start using each new set of reagents.


0.5 PCR tube (thin-walled PCR tubes Axygen PCR-05-C);

20X TE ((pH 7.5) buffer;

dsDNA QuantiFluor®/ RNA QuantiFluor®.

Measurement of concentration of samples

  1. 1. In 0.5 PCR test tubes add 100 µl of QuantiFluor®, the necessary volume of samples (1-100 µl) and to increase the volume in the tubes to 200 µl of 1X TE.
  2. 2. Select the necessary Protocol, the volume of the analyzed sample and unit of concentration on the instrument display.
  3. 3. Put the sample into the instrument and close the lid. The concentration of the sample is shown in the display.