This appliance is intended for cryopreservation (freezing) of various types of biological samples down to low and ultra-low temperatures. Can be used in the creation of biobanks of different types of samples (blood, cells, tissues).

The freezing of samples

  • Materials – liquid nitrogen;

2D cryovials FluidX: 0.3 ml, 0.7 ml, 1.0 ml, 0.75 ml, 1.3 ml.

Guide to the MRV Controller keys


The menu offers a set of options which may be selected by using the up/+ and down/- keys until the required option is highlighted. The enter key should then be pressed to select the option. In most cases when the menu is not visible, pressing the menu select key will return to the last menu.


Starting the run

  • 1. Enable KRYO 560-16.
  • 2. Make sure that there is sufficient liquid nitrogen to complete the freezing profile.
  • 3. It is normal to load the samples after the chamber has reached the start temperature.
  • 4. Select Run from the main menu.
  • 5. If you intend to run from a PC, select Control from PC and then initiate the profile from the PC using the Planer plc application – DeltaT. Refer to the DeltaT documentation for details. If running directly from the MRV Controller select Run profile.
  • 6. Enter a name to identify the run. The default password is 111.
  • 7. If this profile has been designed with a runtime start temperature, enter the required temperature.
  • 8. The chamber will start to be heated or cooled until the start temperature is reached.
  • 9. When the start temperature has been reached and has stabilised for 3 min., the MRV Controller will beep and prompt you.


Loading the samples

  1. 1. Load the samples. This will depend on the freezer furniture fitted to your Chamber. Note that during this time the beeping can be cancelled, without starting the run, by pressing any key other than the Enter key. 


  1. 2. After loading all of the samples, it is advisable to wait 5 min. to allow the chamber to restabilise before pressing enter on the MRV Controller to start the run.
  2. 3. The profile will now run, displaying the percentage progress of the entire run at the bottom of the display and the real time temperatures on the left. The right-hand side of the display will show a graphical representation of the control accuracy. Except at rate changes, this should show a narrow band through the centre of the graph. 


  1. 4. If Manual Seeding has been selected the MRV Controller will prompt you during the run when the samples are ready for seeding. after the defined soak period.
  2. 5. When you are ready to resume the profile, press enter.
  3. 6. At the end of the run , the MRV Controller will prompt you when the samples are ready for removal. The MRV Controller holds the chamber at the end temperature until you confirm that all samples have been removed.

Removing the samples

  1. 1. Remove the samples (and furniture if appropriate).
  2. 2. Press enter on the MRV Controller when complete.


  1. 3. When prompted to return the Chamber to room temperature select Yes. You should only reject this option if you intend to run another profile starting at a very low temperature.
  2. 4. When the chamber has warmed, the MRV Controller will return to the Run menu.