Thermomechanical analysis

Measurement options: tension, penetration, compression, expansion, three-point bending. Ability to perform measurements in dynamic mode.

 TMA 402 Hyperion

The feature of the TMA 402 Hyperion is a highly precise inductive displacement transducer. The entire device measuring system is thermally stabilized via water-cooling. This ensures that the measurement will not be influenced by heat from the furnace or by temperature fluctuations in the local environment. All joints have a vacuum-tight design to allow measurements in a highly pure atmosphere or under vacuum. Pressures of less than 10-4 mbar can be achieved in the TMA device with the use of a turbo molecular pump.

The force operating on the sample is generated electromagnetically in the analyzer. This guarantees a quick response time for experiments with a changing load, e.g. tests on creep behavior. A highly sensitive force sensor (digital resolution < 0.01 mN) continuously measures the force exerted via the push rod and readjusts it automatically. This sets the TMA 402 Hyperion apart from other instruments, which use only preset values.

The electronic control system for the unit allows forces to be set in the mN-range. This enables testing even on sensitive materials such as thin fibers or films. The force operating on the sample can be altered via the software in a stepwise or linear fashion. This makes it particularly simple to carry out such analyses as creep or stress sweep tests.  

The device provides research variability: from single pulse in rectangular or ramp form to continuous modulation with a freely selectable frequency (up to 1 Hz), every possibility is covered. This analyzer is particularly well-suited for determining visco-elastic material properties such as elasticity and creep modulus.

TMA 402 F1 Hyperion – Specifications

Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy


Heating Rate



 10-4 mbar

Max. Sample Length

30 mm

Max. Sample Diameter

12 mm

Measuring Range

2.5 mm

Dig. Resolution

0.125 nm

Force Range

0.001-3 H

Gas Connections

N2, O2, H2, Ar, air (5-500 ml/min)

Vertical Loading

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