Calorimetric titration. The device allows working with nanomolar quantities of biomolecules, determining the thermal effects of their binding / interaction with the substrate with an accuracy to 100 nJ

Nano ITC 2GNano ITC 2G - 2

The TA Instruments Nano ITC is engineered specifically for binding and kinetics studies on purified dilute biological samples of limited availability. With the Nano ITC, heat effects as small as 100 nanojoules are detectable using one nanomole or less of biopolymer. 

The Nano ITC uses a solid-state thermoelectric heating and cooling system to precisely control temperature, and a unique removable syringe assembly for efficient and accurate delivery of titrant. The true isothermal power compensation design of the Nano ITC delivers ultra fast response times..
The unique removable syringe assembly contains a mechanical paddle stirrer at the end, the speed of which is easily adjusted to accommodate the physical properties of the sample. The integrated titration assembly of the Nano ITC ensures quick-filling, simple cleaning and accurate titrations. The Nano ITC Standard Volume is available with sample cells made from 99.999 % Gold or Hastelloy C to allow for the widest range of reagent chemistry.

 NanoITC inside

Nano ITC 2G inside 

Nano ITC 2G Specifications

Temperature range


Temperature stability

± 0.0002°C at 25°C

Minimum detectable heat

0.1 μJ

Maximum detectable heat

5.000 μJ

Baseline stability

± 0.02 μW/hr

Response time

13 s

Cell volume

1.0 ml

Cell configuration


cylindrical fixed-in-place,


Injection syringe volumes

100 μL and 250 μL

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