Laser diffraction particle size analyzer Mastersizer 3000 (laser granulometer) – a versatile tool for the rapid and accurate particle size analysis (measurement of particle size distribution), suspensions, emulsions or dry powder materials. A wide range of overlapping dimensions from millimeters to nanometers, exceptional performance and reliable measurement results do not depend on the operator – all in an extremely compact package.


Mastersizer 3000 to determine the particle size (granulometry) uses a laser diffraction method. The method is based on measuring the intensity of scattered light, the passage of the laser beam through the dispersed sample (suspension, emulsion, dry powder). These scattered light is analyzed and the particle size distribution is computed (reconstructed) based on the measured angular dependence of the light scattered by particles dispersed sample.

1. Method for determination of particle size distribution – laser diffraction.

2 . Automatic control and adjustment of the analyzer.

3 . Measurements in both manual and automatic modes.

4 . Automatic recognition module dispersion.

5 . Measurement of particle sizes in the range of from 0.01 micron to 3500 micron.

6. Acquisition rate – not less than 10 kHz.

7. Measurements directly in the entire range defined sizes.

8. Minimum measuring time – 20 sec.

9. Detection range of the scattered light from 0.015 to 140 degrees .

10. The device has a set of detectors consisting of 45 elements for simultaneous recording of scattering in the whole range of signal detection of scattered light.

11. The detector focal plane is 35 elements.