Microcompaunder extruder HAAKE Minilab II complete with molding machines and a set of molds allows to produce composite materials based on polymer matrices and shape of these samples of different shapes (bar, dumbbell, cone) for further tests. Maximum temperature of the extruder to 350oC, working pressure up to 1200 bar injection.



A continuous supply used to force the material into the extruder. The system has a vertically rotating auger, which compresses and conveys the material from the hopper through the feed zone of the extruder to the screw extruder.


HAAKE Minilab is mikrokompaunder extrusion compounding and extrusion for very small samples of materials (about 5 g).

Due to the presence of return channel sample can circulate in the extruder. Return channel is designed as a flat capillary rheology with two pressure sensors. Because of this can be obtained primary rheological data on current properties of the sample.

With the bypass valve with pneumatic sample may be the extruded through a die.

Injection molding machine HAAKE MiniJet II is designed for melting and molding samples for further testing of samples of small volume.


Main technical characteristics

Screw diameter – 10.5/57 mm.

Maximum torque – 4 Nm.

Maximum speed of 30 rev/min.


The maximum operating temperature of the extruder – 350°C.

Displacement of the sample up to 7 cm3 (at least 5 g).

Exit velocity samples up to 2 g/min.

Operating speed range – 10-360 rev/min.

Maximum operating pressure of 200 bar.

Torque from 0 to 5 nm on each screw.

Built-in inert gas purge.

The extruder is provided with two conically arranged screws of stainless steel.

It is possible to co- and counter-rotating screws.

You can automatically bypass cyclic feed sample back to the auger.

In the extruder integrated system for measuring viscosity.

Injection molding machine

The maximum injection pressure – 1,200 bar.

Maximum air pressure – 10 bar.

Maximum temperature of cylinder – 400°C.

Max mold temperature – 250°C.

Three mold

1) Breaking strip (dumbbell) – sample for tensile testing according to ISO 527-2-1BA.

2) strip DMA (60 x 10 x 1 mm).

3) Cone (d=10 mm, h=15 mm).