Testo 512 and Testo 435 portable instruments are meant to be used for the express analysis of air flow data such as: pressure, velocity, air temperature, turbulence level.

  • Portable independent instruments with a memory for 10.000 measurements.
  • It is possible to attach special probes that enhance the functionality of instruments.
  • Pressure measuring range – up to 2500 Pa.
  • Automatic calculation of flow velocity.
  • Measurement of flow temperature.

Testo portable instruments (Testo 512 digital differential pressure meter and Testo 435-4 multifunction meter) are used for the express analysis of flow data (pressure, velocity, temperature) in AT-11 wind tunnel, test section and during the calibration of Aplisens and DMI-0.1 pressure-measurement instruments. Functionality of Testo 435-4 can be enhanced with attachable special probes.