DNA extraction

The QIAsymphony SP enables automatic sample preparation of DNA and RNA from 1-96 samples at once in batches of 24. It allows safe and contamination-free processing of a wide range of starting materials and sample volumes using dedicated kits. Among the most requested sample types are the whole fresh or frozen blood and buffy coat. Among the other possible sample types are FFPE and fresh tissues. The system is optimized to extract ultrapure RNA from the gold standard PAXgene RNA tubes. It is ideal for projects that require large amounts of consistently high quality DNA samples for downstream applications as qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing and genotyping.


Manufacturer: QIAGEN, Germany.

Catalog number: 9001297.

Website:  https://www.qiagen.com/ru/shop/automated-solutions/sample-prep/qiasymphony-spas-instruments/#orderinginformation.