Nanotomography scanner SkySсan 2011


The "SkyScan-2011" is a compact laboratory system for x-ray microscopy and tomography with resolution in the submicron range. This system performs a non-destructive three-dimensional reconstruction of the object’s inner structure from two-dimensional X-ray shadow projections.

Computed microtomography or micro-CT (mCT) – is a reconstruction of three-dimensional models of X-ray images. Images obtained by the same method as in medical CT, but the studied objects are smaller in size and is characterized by a high resolution for the image. The method allows for non-invasive study of the internal structure of objects. It is widely used in geology, microelectronics, oil industry, biology and medicine.


  • X-ray source:                                                   open type, 20-80 kV, La6F cathode, W target
  • X-ray detector:                                                1280x1024 pixels, 12  bit with FireWire output
  • Positioning accuracy:                          <100nm with sample rotation, <200 nm overall stability 
  • Point resolution:                         < 150 nm pixel (isotropic), 400 nm (low contrast) (10% MTF)
  • Object dimensions:                                         0.2-1 mm for high resolution, 11 mm maximum
  • Average scan time:                                                          60-150 min (1280x1280x900 pixels)
  • Radiation safety:                                                                                                   <1µSv /h