IRPrestige-21 is a high-end device, corresponding to the highest modern standards, thanks to, in particular, high sensitivity (signal to noise ratio of 40 000:1).

Unique UV-3600 Plus spectrophotometer is designed to operate over a wide spectral range and is equipped with three detectors: a photomultiplier for work in the ultraviolet and visible region of the spectrum, semiconductor InGaAs and PbS detectors are cooled to operate in the near infrared range.

Raman spectrometer Horiba Jobin-Yvon LabRam HR800 used for registration of spectra of Raman scattering. A main aims are identification of the studied substances in solid, liquid or gaseous states, phase diagnostic of inclusions in minerals, assessment of the degree of crystallinity of the substance, studies the transformation of substances in the chemical and electrochemical reactions, studies of changes in biological tissues. A built-in microscope allows to obtain information with micrometer objects. Confocal optical scheme enables the most  detailed images and analyses to be obtaibed with speed and confidence.

This device has unique characteristics:

  • the lowest in this class of devices the diameter of the light beam, the resolution to 0.1 nm,
  • the widest in its class photometric range from -4 to 5 Abs.

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FTIR spectroscopy is used to determine the content of various organic and inorganic substances and their compounds in solid, liquid and gaseous samples (food, soil, metals and their alloys, polymers, etc.) on the absorption spectra.