Miсrovisсometer LOVIS 2000 M allows to determine the dynamic viscosity values of the samples. The viscometer is based on the Geppler principle – the principle of the rolling ball in the capillary filled with a liquid sample. Viscometer measures the time during which the solid ball travels a certain distance along the capillary, placed at different angles to the horizone. The study results are presented as dynamic viscosity in standard international units mPa⋅s.




1. Viscosity measurement range – 0.3-10000 mPa⋅s;

2. Repeatability (s.d.) measuring the viscosity – 0.1%;

3. The accuracy of measuring the viscosity of 0.5%;

4. The range of time measurements – 2.5-250 s;

5. Time measurement resolution – 0.001 s;

6. Time measurement accuracy – 0.05%;

7. A built-in Peltier thermostat provides following temperature range – 5-100°C;

8. Temperature measurement accuracy – 0.02°C;

9. Volume of the sample to measure – 0.8 ml;

10. The range of the capillary angle of inclination – 15-80°;

11. Step change in the capillary angle of inclination – 1°;

12. Repeatability of capillary angle of inclination – 0.02°;

13. Accuracy of the capillary angle of inclination – 0.1°;

14. Range of shear rates covered (including all available capillaries) – 0.5-1000 s-1;

15. The measuring system is closed, the sample is not in contact with the environment;

16. Materials in contact with the sample, are resistant to aggressive solvents;

17. The built in automatic time detection system;

18. There is the possibility of measuring both transparent and opaque samples.