SQUID – Superconducting Quantum Interference Device

The MPMS SQUID VSM DC Magnetometer offers you ≤10-8 emu sensitivity with only 4 second data averaging. 


Superconducting FT-NMR spectrometer AVANCE IIITM 400 MHz WB optimized for High Power Solids Applications. 


The Quantum Design PPMS represents a unique concept in laboratory equipment: an open architecture, variable temperature-field system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements. Use the PPMS with our specially-designed measurement options, or easily adapt it to your own experiments. Sample environment controls with fields ± 9 tesla and temperature range of 1.9-1000 K. 


Particle Size and Zeta-Potential Analyzer Photocor Compact-Z is designed for measuring electrokinetic potential (zeta-potential) of nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid. 

 photocor compact

Dynamic light scattering instrument Photocor Complex is designed for measuring the size of nanoparticles, diffusion coefficients and molecular weight of polymers.