In contrast to the 310 Genetic Analyzer, the 3500xL Genetic Analyzer is designed on the basis of the 24-capillary platform. It has significally improved the throughput, intracapillary and intradevice repeatability and dynamic range. For more information visit



The C1000 Thermal Cycler is a standard PCR machine designed on the fully modular flexible platform being able to accommodate different throughput needs with easily interchangeable reaction modules. It allows to perform amplification reactions, cloning, cycle sequencing, gene expression and mutagenesis studies. The  presence of the thermal gradient provides quick and easy identification of the annealing temperatures. For specifications visit


The CFX96 Real-Time PCR Detection System is complex device combining a standard C1000 thermal cycler with the 6-channel module of fluorophore detection. The instrument allows to perform real-time PCR with the precise thermal control due to the special thermal gradient technology. For more information visit



The BioMark HD System is a real-time PCR instrument based on fast PCR-enabled nanofluidic technology. It allows to perform unparallel multiple real-time PCR reactions and digital PCR, combining thermal cycling and fluorescence detection on Integrated Fluidic Circuits which significantly increases productivity. The device can also be used to perform analysis of gene expression, genotyping, digital PCR, mutant detection, etc. For more information visit



The droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) is the third generation of PCR technologies which allows to measure the absolute quantity of the target DNA with the highest precision of 1 molecule. The device also provides the possibility to detect rare DNA copies, measure small fold differences and the variation of the number of copies, perform mutation detection, gene expression analysis of rare transcripts and miRNA analysis as well. For device specifications visit