Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) measurement


The Q5000 SA is a compact, benchtop instrument that delivers the performance and reliability required in a leading sorption analyzer designed for the study of materials under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Its modern, user-friendly design features a high sensitivity, temperature-controlled thermobalance, an innovative humidity generation system, a 10-position autosampler, and imposing software.

The design of Humidity Control Chamber features a pair of mass flow controllers that accurately meter and proportion gas to a symmetrical, well-insulated, aluminum block. The block contains a humidifier, gas transmission and mixing lines, plus easily accessible, identically arranged, sample and reference measurement chambers. Temperature regulation of the block interior from 5 °C to 85 °C is performed by four thermoelectric (Peltier) devices in conjunction with a thermistor in a closed-loop system. The mass flow controllers adjust the amounts of wet (saturated) and dry gas to obtain humidities from 0 to 98 %RH. Identical sensors are located adjacent to the sample and reference crucibles, and provide a continuous indication of humidity. Benefits of the design include precise temperature control and highly consistent atmosphere within the sample and reference chambers.

The heart of the Q5000 SA is high performance thermobalance maintained at a constant temperature (±0.01˚C) by three symmetrically arranged heaters in a well-insulated, gas-purged chamber. Isolated from the furnace by a water-cooled plate, the sensitive, null-balance design features the latest in precision weighing technology. A key feature of the design for sorption analysis operation is the perfect symmetry of the balance assembly. Customer benefits of the patented design include sensitive, reliable operation with superior baseline flatness and exceptional accuracy and precision in weight change detection; factors that are critical for proper gravimetric sorption analysis performance and are totally free from any vapor condensation or electrostatic forces.

The integral Q5000 SA Autosampler features a programmable multi-position sample carousel that permits automated analysis of up to 10 samples using semi-spherical quartz (or metal-coated quartz) crucibles, and 25 samples using the metal pans. All aspects of sample testing are automated and software controlled including pan taring and loading, sample weighing, autosampler movement, furnace movement, pan unloading, and furnace cooling. Autosampler productivity is maximized by software which provides pre-programmed analysis, comparison, and presentation of results. 

q5000sa 2

TGA Q5000SA – Specifications

Dynamic Range

100 mg

Weighting Accuracy

± 0.1%

Weighting Repeatability

± 0.01%


0.1 μg

Drift of the Baseline

5μ / 24 hours


0.01 μg

Temperature Range


Isothermal Stability

± 0.1 °C

Humidity Range


Crucibles Capacity

20-180 μL

 Image source: http://www.tainstruments.com