NMR/NQR spectrometer Tecmaq Redstone is an universal multi-pulse spectrometer working in the frequency range 1-550 MHz allowing one to obtain spectral and relaxation NMR and NQR parameters. Spectrometer is suited for the study of crystalline, polycrystalline as well as magnetically ordered systems with the sample size from 5 to 10 mm. Investigation of orientation dependence is possible for monocrystals.  

Tecmaq Redstone

  • • The observed frequencies in a zero external magnetic field 1-500 MHz.
  • • Temperature range – from 4 K to 400 K.
  • • Acquisition of weak NQR signals by multiple scans.
  • • NQR spectra  35Cl, 63Cu, 65Cu, 75As, 93Nb, 183Ta etc nuclei.
  • • NMR of nuclei included in the magnetically ordered compounds such as 11B,57Fe, 59Co, 61Ni, 187Os and others.
  • • Investigation of an orientation dependence for monocrystals.