Bruker Elexsys E580 EPR spectrometer is a setup working at 9400 MHz, (3.2 cm wavelength, X-band) suited for studies of paramagnetic centers (PC) in solids, liquids, solutions and gases. Measured spectroscopic characteristics are g-factors, lineshapes and relaxation parameters in a wide temperature range. Experimental complex is capable to determine electronic state of PCs, their location in a crystal lattice, crystal field anisotropy and super-fine interactions between unpaired electrons and nuclei. It is possible to study isotopic composition of PCs and their interaction with adjacent ions, to investigate the presence and type of magnetic interactions etc. Spectrometer is equipped with additional modules allowing one to conduct ENDOR (Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance) and TRIPLE experiments in order to investigate direct and indirect exchange interactions.



The spectrometer is equipped with 11000 G electromagnet and is capable of measurements in CW-regime as well as in FT-regime. Spectral acquisition and processing is performed with the help of Aepr, FDepr and Xepr software packages. For studies of monocrystals the spectrometer is equipped with a goniometer. Absolute measurements of frequency and power of MW-radiation, and magnetic field strength are possible

      • 100 W UV-irradiation of the sample inside resonator in the wavelength range 200-2000 nm

      • ENDOR/TRIPLE measurements controlled by two 1-400 MHz generators with 200 ns switch time of phase, amplitude and frequency

      • Magnetic field strength measurements from 1500 to 15000 G

      • Temperature range from 3.7 K to 500 K

      • Planned: installation of field gradients coils for tomographic measurements

      • Planned: extending working range to L-band (1000 MHz, 32 cm) and W-band (90000 MHz, 10 mm)