The resource centre provides its users with the following possibilities of the research on the collections of microorganisms:

  • - experimental research on the maintained strains using resources available in the centre;
  • - supply of the strains or clones for research at the other institutions;
  • - supply of the model strains for educational purposes, in particular, zoology, botany and microbiology courses;
  • - deposit and maintenance of the user collections;
  • - concentration, fixation and conservation of samples for transportation and other purposes on user request.

The resource centre provides its users the possibility of using the equipment for:

  • - light microscopic investigations in vivo and on permanent preparations using various methods of light microscopy with brand new models of Leica equipment;
  • - isolation, quality assessment, preservation and storage of DNA and RNA; PCR amplification of various molecular markers and preparation of amplified fragments for sequencing;
  • - fixation and sample preparation for immunocytochemical and electron microscopic studies.

Based on the availability of resources of the centre other methods of research can be used on request.