20 Octorber 2016, Thursday



Conference «BIOBANKING AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE: CURRENT STATE AND PERSPECTIVES», dedicated to the Opening of The Saint-Petersburg State University Biobank (Saint-Petersburg, Volkhovskiy pereulok, 3)

Co-chairmen: Prof. R.R. Gainetdinov, Prof. S.V. Aplonov





10.00 -11.00

Welcome speeches

Rector of the Saint-Petersburg State University Prof. N.M. Kropachev

Vice-Rector of the Saint-Petersburg State University, Prof. S.V. Aplonov

Head Physician of the City Hospital №40, Prof. Dr. S.G. Shcherbak

Member of the Russian Academy of Science, Councilor of the Rector of the Saint-Petersburg State University V.P. Puzyrev

Video presentation of the Saint-Petersburg State University Biobank






Opening address Prof. R.R. Gainetdinov (20 min)

S.V.Mikushev, A.S. Glotov (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) «Current state and perspectives of biobanking at  Saint-Petersburg State University» (20 min)

S.G. Shcherbak, A.М. Sarana (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) «Role of multi-disciplinary hospital in organization of biobank» (20 min)

Karine Sargsyan (Biobank Graz, Austria) «Biobanking - Past, Present and Future Perspective», 20 min 

Stephen J. O’Brien (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) «Update on the Genome Russia project at SPSU» 20 min

Tanja Weis (Heidelberg, Germany,«Future developments of biobanking under the aspect of translational biomedicine», 20 min

Inga Prokopenko(London, UK), «Large population collections, meta-data, omics, and biobanking in dissecting the aetiology of human disease», 20 min






V.S. Baranov (Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation) «Role of biobanking in prenatal, preimplantation and non-invasive diagnosis» (20 min)

A.N.Suvorov (St.Petersburg, Russian Federation) « Biobank of autobiota and its practical significance in medicine»   (20 min)

Tkachuk A.P., Gushchin V.A., Kleimanov D.A., Semenko Т.А., Plechanova М.А., Gintsburg А.L. (Moscow, Russian Federation) «National bank of blood serums as universal instrument of personalized medecine» (20 min)

Artem Bogomolov (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Clinical genetics with Ion Torrent: fast, simple and scalable» (15 min)

Artem Murav'ev (Moscow, Russian Federation) «New technologies in biobanking» (15 min)

Nikolay Egorov  (Moscow, Russian Federation) «NGS Illumina – the best solution for genomic research»



Excursion to the St.Peterburg University Biobank for the participants of the conference