The Centre for Geo-Environmental Research and Modelling (GEOMODEL) has been created to consolidate the efforts of SPbU scientists as well as their Russian and international partners in the research of the Earth geospheres and their relations. The long-term goal of the centre is a progressive understanding of the scale and rate of the global climatic system’s transformation caused by the civilisation’s "efforts".

Mission statement

• Experimental and theoretical research in various Earth sciences.

• High-quality scientific outcome and timely publications in scientific journals.

• Encouragement of students to become involved in our research projects.

• Organisation of the centre’s work in accordance with the established regulations and ethical standards that have been formed by the previous generations of SPbU scientists and teachers.

The GEOMODEL’s equipment makes it possible to carry out a broad range of fundamental and applied research.

The centre comprises four major subject areas:

the Climatic Division (study of global and local climatic changes based on atmospheric aerosol and gas monitoring),

• the Geophysical Division (study of natural and industrial processes using electromagnetics fields of natural and man-made sources),

• the Eco-Hydrogeological Division (evaluation of resource formation conditions and quality of surface and subsurface waters and forecasting of their transformation under industrial and natural factors using isotope tracers and mathematical modelling),

• the Geochemical Division (Physico-chemical laboratory modelling of geochemical processes in terms of natural minerogenesis, development of environmentally friendly technologies of extraction and processing of mineral deposits and new materials synthesis).

The centre’s diversification blends in into the present Earth science development trend aimed at a comprehensive study of geospheres within the framework of large-scale national and international.

Contact Information

Phone: +7 (812) 428-45-72

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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