Vadim Y. Kukushkin, Professor, Doctor of Science, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Chairman;

Dmitrii Y. Vlasov, Professor, Doctor of Science, head of the laboratory of Mycology and Algology;

Oleg S. Grunsky, PhD (Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy), The Director of the Research center for X-ray diffraction studies;

Sergey V. Krivovichev, Prof. Dr., Chairman, Department of Crystallography, SPbSU;

Alexey L. Moskvin - Doctor of Technical Sciences, The Director of the Resource center for chemical analysis and materials research;

Igor V. Murin - Professor, Doctor of Science The Head of Department of solid state chemistry;

Yurii S. Tveryanovich, Professor, Doctor of Science, The Head of Department of laser chemistry and laser material science;

Peter M. Tolstoy, PhD (Candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences), The Director of the Resource center for Magnetic Resonance.

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