Anastasia Kultaeva and Stanislav Sukharzhevskii have successfully completed training course devoted to impulse methods in EPR and have received certificates.


Svetlana Pylaeva has completed the course “MRI Advanced Imaging” in Bruker Biospin and got the certificate.

A geoarchaeological expedition conducting research of Ortles Kherson settlements in the North-West of the Crimea of ancient times (5 – 3 cc. BC) have transferred some paleontological specimens of the teeth of animals to our Center. The samples will be dated and investigated by EPR.

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Krupenya - InorgChem 2013
D. V. Krupenya, P. A. Snegurov, E. V. Grachova, V. V. Gurzhiy, S. P. Tunik, A. S. Melnikov, P. Yu. Serdobintsev, E. G. Vlakh, E. S. Sinitsyna, and T. B. Tennikova

New Supramolecular AuI−CuI Complex as Potential Luminescent
Label for Proteins

Inorganic Chemistry 2013

Employees of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Sergey Smirnov and Andrey Gurinov have completed the training courses in the University of Regensburg in Germany and got certificates.