The Quantus fluorimeter is an instrument for measuring the concentration of nucleic acids. The device is used with a set of reagents Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems.

Before using the appliance for the first time, you need to calibrate the device, also you should calibrate before you start using each new set of reagents.


0.5 PCR tube (thin-walled PCR tubes Axygen PCR-05-C);

20X TE ((pH 7.5) buffer;

dsDNA QuantiFluor®/ RNA QuantiFluor®.

The revolutionary QIAxcel Advanced system replaces traditional, labor-intensive gel analysis of DNA and RNA – streamlining workflows and reducing time to result. The QIAxcel Advanced system fully automates sensitive, high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of up to 96 samples per run. DNA fragment analysis of 12 samples can be performed in as little as 3 min. Ready-to-run gel cartridges allow 96 samples to be analyzed with a minimum of hands-on interaction, reducing manual handling errors and eliminating the need for tedious gel preparation. User-friendly QIAxcel ScreenGel software ensures convenient analysis and documentation of data. The QIAGEN RNA Integrity Score (RIS) provides an objective quality measurement of the analyzed samples and allows easy interpretation of sample integrity.

Spectrophotometer is designed to determine the absorption spectrum of the drug in the wavelength range 190-1100 nm. Suitable for analysis of samples ultra-low (0.3 µl) and standard volume (10 mm cuvette). Equipped with built-in vortex and printer.


lint-free cloth;

cuvettes (Eppendorf UVette 15, Implen DiluCell 1, DiluCell 20).

Measurement of concentration of samples.