Telephone interviews are conducted according to a survey developed in advance, the course of the interview is completely controlled by CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) – a computerized system of telephone interviews (a computerized telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application).

A survey is loaded on a main computer that then loads the survey, question after question, on computer screens of the twenty terminals of the call-center. The interviewer reads the questions posed on the computer screen and records the respondent’s answers directly into the computer. The software has built-in branching logic, which will skip questions that are not applicable, rotate questions and response options where necessary.

Advantages of telephone interviewing:

  • human factor mistakes are minimized,
  • all interviews are audio recorded,
  • compliance with criteria of household selection and respondent selection is automatically controlled,
  • level of respondent reach is higher compared to face-to-face interviewing,
  • sample is geographically dispersed (limitations on the number of sampling points are removed),
  • interviews are dispersed within a settlement (not limited to only a few routs),
  • methodological experience is unified – one team of trained interviewers-operators (with similar experience and work style) conducts survey over all research territory,
  • sample is automatically controlled according to given parameters,
  • surveys with complex structure are administered,
  • efficiency.

How shall I use NodeXL software for the analysis and visualization of an ego-network from the service?

1. Download and install NodeXL Excel Template 2014.
The NodeXL Excel Template 2014 software helps to visualize and analyze the network graph created by data from the Excel worksheet with vertices and edges lists.

You need a ".graphml" file to proceed further. In order to create it, please do not hesitate to read the brief introduction to NodeXL before starting applying GEPHI.
1. Download and install Gephi:
Open the graphml file saved in advance with the help of NodeXL.