Equipment:  Microtomography scanner SkyScan 1172 or nanotomography scanner SkyScan 2011

 Goal of researches

Calculation of the opened and closed porosity of solid-state samples and creation of a 3D-model of pore space.

Application areas

Geology, zoology, botany, building materials, paper manufacture, biomedical researches, material science, pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing, composites, dental researches, electronic components, and many more.

Determination of the sizes of pores and their distribution in a sample are necessary for investigation of physical and chemical conditions of receiving, application and an internal structure of substances and objects, and also at creation of various mathematical models.


Samples for micro- and nano tomographic researches have to maintain temperature increase to 40°C without change of the geometrical sizes.

The sizes of samples:

no more than 30 x 30 x 30 mm (Skyscan 1172);

no more than 2 х 2 х 5 mm (Skyscan 2011).

Sample  preparation

Preparation of samples doesn't required.

The method

The method of measurement of porosity is based on mathematical data processing about an internal structure, received by  X-ray microtomoraphy method.

The software (CTAn) and methodical recommendations of Bruker-microCT-developer are used.


The sizes of the pores depend on the resolution reached at the shooting of sample and make more than three pixels on each measurement.

Reagent required


The necessary equipment

Microtomography scanner SkyScan 1172 or

nanotomography scanner SkyScan 2011.

Soft – CTAn (Bruker micro-CT).


Methodical recommendations about opened and closed porosity determination (Bruker micro-CT).