Qualitative and quantitative analysis of amino acids and proteins:

  • analysis spectra of proteins and amino acid identity with amino acids, ultraviolet absorbing, in the fourth method derivatives;
  • analysis of non-protein constituents in complex proteins such as porphyrins, copper ions, and other coenzymes;
  • a quantitative method for assessing the Lowry protein content in the sample bound to different standards (bovine serum albumin, etc.). Calibration experiments were calculated by linear regression;
  • a quantitative method for assessing the Bradford protein content of the sample;
  • other colorimetric methods for the determination of protein content: biuret in different modifications, Lowry in different modifications, Onishi and Baer method and others;
  • dual-wavelength quantitative methods for assessing the concentration of protein in the complex multi-component mixtures: Warburg and Christian, Erismann, Kalb and Bernlora, Viteykera and Granum.

Spectrophotometric method can also analyze samples of nucleic acids and their components.