Qualitative and quantitative analysis of amino acids and proteins:

  • analysis spectra of proteins and amino acid identity with amino acids, ultraviolet absorbing, in the fourth method derivatives;
  • analysis of non-protein constituents in complex proteins such as porphyrins, copper ions, and other coenzymes;
  • a quantitative method for assessing the Lowry protein content in the sample bound to different standards (bovine serum albumin, etc.). Calibration experiments were calculated by linear regression;
  • a quantitative method for assessing the Bradford protein content of the sample;
  • other colorimetric methods for the determination of protein content: biuret in different modifications, Lowry in different modifications, Onishi and Baer method and others;
  • dual-wavelength quantitative methods for assessing the concentration of protein in the complex multi-component mixtures: Warburg and Christian, Erismann, Kalb and Bernlora, Viteykera and Granum.

Spectrophotometric method can also analyze samples of nucleic acids and their components.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fluorogenic amino acids, proteins, and amino acids containing fluorogenic fluorogenic nonprotein components, and macromolecules study quality changes associated with changes in their conformations.

Differential centrifugation techniques for isolating individual fractions of biological products (samples of up to 1.5-2.0 ml with acceleration up to 14 000 g, the samples up to 15 ml with acceleration up to 2 750 g).

Method centrifuge ultrafiltration concentrator using a test tube to separate solutions of macromolecules and the fraction with a certain molecular weight.