Microwave station ETHOS 1

ETHOS 1 microwave station (Milestone Inc.) Is used for the gyro (Solvay) thermal synthesis particulate matter, as well as mineralization of samples. Microwave radiation of up to 1,600 watts provides processes conduct at temperatures up to 200°C and pressures up to 100 bar in the reactors (units 10) made of PTFE.


1. Number of magnetrons in the housing – 2 pcs .

2. Useful microwave power – 1600 watts.

3. The uniformity of the radiation on the camera: the presence of pyramidal microwave stirrer to create uniformity in the radiation chamber. Uneven radiation: not more than 3%.

4. Modes of supply of microwaves: continuous and intermittent, software selectable by the user. For both modes the presence of feedback parameter microwaves.

5. Hull Construction: stainless steel. Polyfluoroethylene cover all external and internal surfaces of the body. Due to the removal of the upper part of the chamber for installation outside of the chamber of the flask to reflux for synthesis in large amount flasks (4-liters ) at atmospheric pressure.

6. The spring-loaded door design, to allow pressure relief in emergency mode. A door made ​​entirely of steel and is covered with several layers of polytetrafluoroethylene.

7. Presence of automatic lock that does not allow to open the door until the internal temperature of the system drops to a safe point.

8. Video System Control: availability camcorder built for online viewing the status of the rotor and the temperature sensor during operation of the microwave system. PTFE camcorder protection from acids and solvents.

9. Built-in magnetic stirring solutions in all autoclaves during microwave irradiation. Speed ​​control of mixing with the controller .

10. The number of vessels of not less than 10 units .

11. The volume of the vessel is not less than 100 ml.

12. Maximum temperature of 300°C.

The maximum pressure of 100 atm.